Influence of environment on the storage quality of seed physiological amaranth

Danúbia Aparecida Costa Nobre, Andréia Márcia Souza Santos David, Vinícius Natanael Ribeiro Souza, Dario Oliveira, André Angelo Medeiros Gomes, Patrick Mendes Aguiar, Wagner Ferreira Mota


The objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of the storage environment on quality of
amaranth seed. The seeds were placed in polyethylene bags and stored for ten months in cold and
in laboratory conditions. To evaluate the physiological quality of seeds, we determined the water,
the one hundred seed weight, germination and vigor. The storage of amaranth in the cold chamber
was more efficient for the conservation of physiological seed quality.


Amaranthus cruentus L., potencial fisiológico, conservação

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