Diazotrophic associative bacteria: diversity, ecology and potential applications

Fatima Maria de Souza Moreira, Krisle da Silva, Rafaela Simão Abrahão Nóbrega, Fernanda de Carvalho



Biological nitrogen fixation (BNF) is carried out by representatives of various bacterial phylogeneticgroups named diazotrophs. These bacteria can live free in many ecosystems and/or establishingsymbiosis or associations with diverse plant species. These last ones are called associative diazotrophs.Associative diazotrophic bacteria can contribute to plant growth by improving N-nutrition as wellas by other processes like hormone production, phosphate solubilization, biological control, amongothers. This review presents different genera of associative diazothophs regarding their taxonomicposition, ecological features and process they mediated related to plant growth promotion. It alsoshows how modifications in ecosystems influence density and diversity of these bacteria.


biological nitrogen fixation, plant growth promoting rhizobacteria, agriculture, inoculants

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