• Comunicata Scientiae - new issue of 2019 and news to 2020


    This issue, the fourth of 2019, includes twelve manuscripts from important Brazilian institutions such as UNESP, UFScar, USP, APTA, UFAC, IF-Rondônia, UFPel, UFPB, UFCG, UFRB, UNIVASF, UFERSA, UFRPE and UNITINS, beyond from international institutions such as IFAPA and Universidad de Córdoba (Spain), USDA (United States of America), Katwe-Katoka (Angola) and National Institute of Forest Research (Algeria), reaching 25% of foreign manuscripts.

    From this issue (V10N4) we also include the ORCID code of the authors who have it, both in the journal system and in the published PDF file.

    Therefore, as part of our post-publication support we strongly suggest you to use the following services to share your published manuscript in your social media and in researchgate9.png

    From 2020 (v11) Comunicata Scientiae will adopt the continuous publication format. Thus, the articles in each volume will be published throughout the year as they are approved in the evaluation process individually, without the need to close issues, as practiced until 2019.

    We thank all editors, authors, reviewers and technical staff that work hard to make science with quality.

    Editorial Board

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