Selection of pepper genotypes for ornamentation




Obtaining a variety that has high performance characteristics is the main focus of a breeding program. It is of interest to the breeder an ideotype plant that contains all the characteristics of interest for commercialization. With the objective of to evaluate the potential of genotypes of Capsicum annuum, with desirable ornamentation characteristics, 29 genotypes of C. annuum was evaluated. The experiment was conducted in a greenhouse in a completely randomized design, with 29 treatments (genotypes) and five replications. Eleven characteristics of plant, flower and fruit were evaluated.  The cultivar Calypso was chosen as an ideotype because it has characters that are highly desirable in the ornamentation market. Genetic variability was observed for all traits. The factor analysis was efficient in reducing the 11 characteristics in three factors. Based on the factor analysis and the distance between genotype-ideotype, nine genotypes were selected for presenting means close to those of the ideotype, for all the characteristics evaluated.


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da Silva Guimarães, M. E., Freire, A. I. ., Ribeiro de Oliveira, A. C. ., Mota Pereira, A. ., Carvalho Lima, P. C., & Finger, F. L. . (2021). Selection of pepper genotypes for ornamentation. Comunicata Scientiae, 12, e3577.



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