O Physico-chemical properties of mango pulp and cajarana blends





The mango and cajarana are pleasant-tasting fruits, yellow in color, have ascorbic acid with antioxidant properties that slow down oxidation and help the immune system to promote well-being. The production of blends can improve nutritional and sensory characteristics, combining macro and micronutrients that may be present in a higher concentration in one fruit and deficient in another, increasing the possibility of obtaining new flavors constituting a new product. The study had as objective the elaboration of blends of mango cv. espada and cajarana and to determine the physical-chemical characteristics and color parameters. Three formulations were prepared: F1 - 50% mango pulp and 50% cajarana pulp; F2 - 90% mango pulp and 10% cajarana pulp and F3 - 10% mango pulp and 90% cajarana pulp. The formulations were evaluated for physicochemical parameters of water activity, moisture content, ash, total soluble solids, pH, total titratable acidity, ascorbic acid, proteins, lipids, total sugars, reducers, non-reducers and color parameters. The data obtained were submitted to analysis of variance and comparison between means by the Tukey test. The blends caused significant changes in most of the parameters evaluated, with an increase in the moisture content, ash, total titratable acidity, proteins and lipids as the concentration of the cajarana pulp was increased. The increase in the proportion of mango pulp favored the achievement of lighter blends, with a predominance of yellowness. However, the development of blends from this study presents itself as a viable alternative for the use of fruit pulps, both in terms of nutrition, complementing the nutrient content through this mixture as a very promising product for the market.


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Silva, L. P. F. R. da, Queiroz, A. J. de M., Oliveira, A. P. de, Figueirêdo, R. M. F. de, Moraes, M. S. de, & Matos, J. D. P. de. (2020). O Physico-chemical properties of mango pulp and cajarana blends. Comunicata Scientiae, 11, e3403. https://doi.org/10.14295/cs.v11i.3403



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