Increase of nutrients export and production of pitaya whit potassium fertilization




Characterization works of pitayas show that the potassium (K) is the nutrient most exported, thus, influences in the productivity and quality of this fruit. However, these researches do not report the nutrients export by pitaya's associating the fertilization carried out in the orchard, information that is relevant to make the nutrients reposition adequate at the time of fertilization. The research was carried out to evaluate the supply of K2O in the export of nutrients and productivity of the Hylocereus undatus and Hylocereus polyrhizus pitaya species. The analysis was carried out in the mature fruits harvested in two harvests. Potassium fertilization was performed at doses of 0; 50; 100 and 200 g of K2O per plant. Nutrient export per ton of fruit was calculated from the determination of the nutrient levels and the dry matter of the pitaya pulp. The export of nutrients by the pitaya of the species H. undatus and H. polyrhizus occurs in the following order: K>N>P>Ca>Mg> and Mn>Fe>Cu>Zn>B. These species of pitaya have similar nutritional requirements, enabling them to be receive same fertilization management. The amount of nutrients exported was higher in plants fertilized with potassium due to the higher productivity achieved. Orchards of pitaya that reach high productivity require a greater quantity of nutrients, due to the increase export by the fruits.


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Rabelo, J. M., Cruz, M. do C. M., Santos, N. C., Alves, D. de A., Lima, J. E., & Silva, E. de B. (2020). Increase of nutrients export and production of pitaya whit potassium fertilization. Comunicata Scientiae, 11, e3276.



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