Seasonal abundance of Sturnella superciliaris (Bonaparte, 1850) in International Airport of Parnaíba, Piaui, Brazil.

Lourdiane Rocha, Antonio Gildo Soares dos Santos, Cleiton Oliveira Cardoso, Deimes do Nascimento Gomes, Antonio Alves Tavares, Anderson Guzzi


This survey was conducted in order to evaluate the occurrence and seasonality of White-browed-
Blackbird, Sturnella superciliaris in Parnaíba International Airport, in view of the risk of collisions
between birds and aircraft. The constancy index of species was 99.5%, with the highest mean
number of individuals recorded during the rainy season in the region, in April 2011, with 152
individuals. Although S. superciliaris landed or crossed the runway in large flocks, there were no
collisions involving this species, which is probably due to the small air traffic at the airport.


Polícia-inglesa-do-sul, sazonalidade, aeronaves

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