Effects of mulberry leaves treated with vitamin and esterol affect biological parameters of Bombyx mori L.

Sergio Antonio De Bortoli, Roque Takahashi, José Ednilson Miranda, Luciane Sandrini Dias, Caroline Placidi De Bortoli, Sergio Leandro Placidi De Bortoli


This study aimed to evaluate the effects of adding different concentrations of the leaf additivesnandrolone decanoate, ascorbic acid, retinol palmitate and retinol acetate on biologicalparameters of Bombyx mori larvae. The results showed that nandrolone and ascorbic acid, bothat 0.5%, provide the best value for the development of the larvae of B. mori, values which do notcorrespond to significant increases in cocoon and silk production; 1.0% of retinol palmitate shownegative effect to larvae development.


silkworm, anabolic steroid, vitamin C, vitamin A, larvae development, silk production

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