Hydrolytic soil enzymes and their response to fertilization: a short review


  • Angélica Bautista-Cruz Instituto Politécnico Nacional, CIIDIR-Oaxaca
  • Yolanda Donají Ortíz-Hernández Instituto Politécnico Nacional, CIIDIR-Oaxaca




hydrolases, mineral fertilizers, organic fertilizers, soil


Enzymes are proteins that catalyze chemical reactions in living systems, transforming specific substrates into the products needed in biological cycles and for many edaphic processes. Soil enzymatic activities have been proposed as soil quality indicators, due to their relation with soil biology. Although the long-term effects of organic and mineral fertilization on physical and chemical soil properties have been previously studied, little is known about their effects on microbial community structure, microbial biomass carbon, microbial activity and enzymatic activity. Some studies report that organic and mineral fertilizers can affect, be it positively or negatively, microbial biomass size as well as soil microbial activity. This work examines the effect of fertilization on the enzymatic activity of soil hydrolases.


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Author Biographies

Angélica Bautista-Cruz, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, CIIDIR-Oaxaca

Research professor, Natural Resource Department

Yolanda Donají Ortíz-Hernández, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, CIIDIR-Oaxaca

Research professor, Natural Resource Department


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