Drying temperature on the concentration of nutrients in Eucalyptus dunnii Maiden

Leonardo Mortari Machado, Iris Cristiane Magistrali, Dane Block Araldi


This study aimed to compare the standard temperature drying of samples of plant tissue to 70°C to105ºC and analyze the effect of temperature on four components of trees (bark, twigs, wood andleaves) and its influence on the results of nutritional analysis in plant tissue of Eucalyptus dunnii. Wecollected 8 samples per tree component, 4 samples for treatment 1 (drying at 70°C) and 4 samplesfor treatment 2 (105°C.), totaling 32 samples. It was found that only the nutrients present in thewood component, did not suffer interference from the drying temperature. For this componentcan be made to 105ºC and stabilize the weight of the samples in approximately 32 hours. For thecomponent leaf Ca concentrations differed between the two treatments, being higher in thesecond treatment. For the component branch, the concentration of N, P and K differed betweenthe two treatments, being higher in the first. But in both treatments to weight stabilization occurredafter 32 hours, with no time savings dried at 105ºC. For the shell component, the Mg content differedbetween the two treatments, being higher in the second treatment.


Temperature, Plant tissue, Macronutrients, Eucalyptus dunnii

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