Combination of paclobutrazol, potassium sulfate and Ethephon on floral induction of mango cv. Tommy Atkins


  • José Algaci Lopes da Silva Universidade Federal do Piauí-UFPI
  • Josynaria Araújo Neves Universidade Federal do Piauí-UFPI



Mangifera indica, flowering, mango crop, climatic conditions


Amongst the techniques used for the regulation of the vegetative growth of mango trees withthe purpose in floral induction, is common the arranged use of the substances Paclobutrazol,Potassium Sulfate and Ethephon. Under conditions of semi-arid tropic the precipitated techniquehas persuaded an abundant flower induction, however has produced inconsistent effects in theconditions of warm and rainy climate. With the purpose to study that combination in the growth eflowering of mango trees, variety Tommy Atkins, it was experimented in the mesorgion of TeresinaCity, State of Piauí, under conditions of humid tropic, using an experimental design of randomizedcomplete blocks, with an factorial arrangement 4 x 3: four Paclobutrazol doses (zero; 0.7; 1.0 and 1.3g of a.i. m-1 of diameter tree canopy) and three practices that combined applications of PotassiumSulfate (2%), Ethephon (240 ppm) on three periods of floral induction, 90, 105 and 120 days, to thestart of application of dormancy-breaking, which was counted from the Paclobutrazol application.Plants untreated produced only vegetative branches and the various products and periods ofapplications combinations tested showed low rates flowering and high rates of dormant buds.


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Author Biographies

José Algaci Lopes da Silva, Universidade Federal do Piauí-UFPI

Professor Dr./DPPA/CCA/UFPI-Teresina-PI.

Josynaria Araújo Neves, Universidade Federal do Piauí-UFPI

Biológa, mestranda em Agronomia/Produção Vegetal- UFPI.



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Silva, J. A. L. da, & Neves, J. A. (2011). Combination of paclobutrazol, potassium sulfate and Ethephon on floral induction of mango cv. Tommy Atkins. Comunicata Scientiae, 2(1), 18–24.



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