Physiological assessment of seed and seedling growth of vinegar

Hugo Tiago Ribeiro Amaro, Andréia Márcia Santos de Souza David, Izabel Costa Silva Neta, Dorismar David Alves, Fernando Gomes da Silva


The experiment was conducted at the Laboratory of Seed Analysis Unimontes, with the objective to evaluate physiological seed and seedling growth of vinegar. Seeds from mature fruits collected from plants from the experimental area Unimontes. We used a completely randomized design (CRD) with four replications in a factorial 2 x 3 consists of two temperatures (25 and 30 ° C) and three periods of soaking in distilled water (0, 24 and 48h). the variables analyzed were: seed germination, first count, speed and germination, seedling length, fresh weight and dry weight of seedlings. The pre- soaking the seeds in distilled water for 48 hours and constant temperature at 30 ° C increments promote the germination and seedling growth of vinegar.


Hibiscus sabdariffa L., imbibition, physiological quality, temperature

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