Gibberellin sources and doses on development of dwarf rice in biotests

Raphael Gonçalves Martins, Paulo Roberto de Camargo e Castro, Maria Bernadete Gonçalves Martins, João Marcelo Silva, Diego Kitahara Araujo


Mutant of dwarf rice (Oryza sativa L.) were treated with three different concentrations of gibberellicacid originated from two sources (Gibberellin and Pro-Gibb) and submitted to the determinationof bigger height, in relation to the soil leveI. Mensurations were realized in each seven days atgreenhouse conditions under mean temperature of 25°C. lt was concluded that concentrations of 10mg L-1 of gibberellin originated from Pro-Gibb or Gibberellin was enough to promote a differentiatedperformance of the test plant. For the study of leaf anatomy Pro-Gibb presented, under all testedconcentration, increase of mesophyll thickness in relation to Gibberellin. In this analysis, source andinteraction between source and concentration applied promoted significant variations betweenthe mean data.


Dwarf revertion, gibberellic acid, biological test

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